Friday, 10 August 2012


Started and finished this guy today. Way too hot to be painting... 

Relatively happy with how he turned out, I tried not to take too long but still get a good result. He just needs a bit of grass on his base and he's good to go!

Comments and criticism please people! Peace.

Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Hard at Work - Tomb Kings, Necrons and Imperial Guard

Hi folks, it's that time again - a long overdue post about what's been crossing my painting table of late.

First of all, I spent a bit of time finishing off some Imperial Guard I still had sitting in a box somewhere. I collect an Imperial Guard army but it's no longer in this colour scheme, so I'm considering selling these guys on sometime soon. 

I've got some more pictures, which I'll probably put up when I decide to sell these boys.

Since I last posted I also have painted up another set of Necron Barges for a customer who wanted a red and black theme throughout his army, with green spot colours in the shape of lights and dials and whatnot. Here is the finished result:

Apologies for the bad quality of the photos - they were taken on my phone...

I then went from painting futuristic skeleton warriors to Fantasy skeleton warriors for a Tomb Kings commission. Here is the host readied for war (and the tournament that the customer was taking them to):

Again, I apologise for the rubbish quality of the pictures, they hide some of the detail, but you get the general idea - I've been busy!

The next project is to be part of a Death Company Blood Angels army. The challenge here is to paint white - always a difficulty - as the customer wants his chaps painted in the colours of the Flesh Tearers' Death Company. Alongside 15 blood-crazed close-combat powerhouses I have Tycho, Lemartes, Mephiston and Gabriel Seth to paint, as well as a drop pod and a Furioso Dreadnought (both in white).

That's all for today everyone! I promise to post more regularly from here on in, but for now it's back to work. Happy painting!