Wednesday, 3 December 2014

An Imperial Knight and the Ortegas

Well it's been a hell of a long time since I posted anything on the blog... I've not given up on painting just yet though (although I haven't done any for a couple of months now and I'm really starting to get the itch). I'll soon be heading home for the Christmas break and I'm looking forward to picking up a paintbrush again - I think I have a copy of Space Hulk waiting for me... Can't wait!

In the mean time, I thought I'd just throw up a couple of things I did over the summer.

First, I had a crack at an Imperial Knight. These models are insanely detailed and it was really cool to work on a big model like this. Only have one picture of it as it was given to the customer upon completion...

The flame effect was really fun, and fairly easy, to do. It just took time and a lot of carefully applied layers. But the beauty is that not a great amount more detail needed to be done and there was no messing around with transfers and such (usually these guys are covered in them - I know from experience, I've painting 5 of these guys now...).

If you haven't heard of Malifaux you really should have by now. It's a really enjoyable skirmish game for which they released a new rule-set about a year ago. In addition to the new rules, they have started producing (and re-producing) all their miniatures in plastic and the detail is INSANE. I have one or two plastic box-sets at home and will be returning to them over Christmas I'm sure.

Pictured here are the Ortega family in their original metal casting. I completed these just before Wyrd released the plastic version of the same gang... Sod's Law. The picture quality isn't great, so apologies for that.

As ever, thanks for reading. I hope to be posting up some more things over the Christmas break - we'll see!