Monday, 30 January 2012

A Beginning

Beastman Lord
Dear readers,

This is most exciting and a little bit unnerving. Starting a blog for the first time is quite unlike any other feeling - you'll probably know what I mean if you've done a similar sort of thing. Putting a bit of yourself, or your work, on the internet feels like exposing oneself, not quite in the way that that flasher sitting next to you on the tube will expose himself, but in the way of laying bare the workings of one's mind to a world full of people. Certainly I am somewhat nervous about this but I hope that I can settle into it as something that I will come back to regularly to post little bits and bobs about both myself and the miniature-painting that is both my hobby, and, if you consider the earning of money to be indicative of such, my job. I find it hard to consider painting as 'work' in the sense that an office-job might be considered, it is just far too enjoyable! The reality is that painting is my hobby and I am simply lucky enough to be able to make some money from it.
Necron Cryptek

I suppose that seeing as this is an introduction of sorts, I should tell you all a bit about myself. My name's Ollie and I have recently turned 20. Miniature-painting and war-gaming have been a part of my life for half of those 20 years so I should say I have had some experience. While I enjoy the gaming aspects of hobbies such as Warhammer, Infinity, Malifaux and Hordes to name but a few, the creative element is my gig. I think the reason behind this must be obvious when I think back to how much time I spent with Lego as a child (honestly, vast quantities of the stuff) and how much I have always enjoyed creating something where previously there was nothing. When it comes to miniatures, they are the blank canvas onto which I can paint whatever I want, in whatever way I like. It might sound cheesy, but it's the truth.

Lizardmen Saurus Warrior

For a while I have been frequenting a delightful centre of gaming and hobbying called Heroes and Legends Games. Their prices are great and the atmosphere in their store is always fantastic - if you are in the neighbourhood of Surbiton head on over there and check it out (this is not an advertisement spiel, I am genuinely recommending you better your life by paying them a visit, you won't regret it.) Anyway, having been going to the shop regularly for a couple of months I was asked whether I might like to do a bit of commission painting on their behalf. I duly agreed and, Heroes and Legends coffee mug in hand, sat down to paint a bunch of models for display in the shop, as well as launching straight into a few commissions. Of course, it is not only myself that paints models for the store, but Ed and Animatronica also, who should be duly given credit for their great work. I do not, under any circumstances, want to sound big-headed enough to have you conclude that I am the only commission painter in town - I am one of the Heroes and Legends team and we offer our services to all.

I should probably conclude this first post by saying that I hope you have enjoyed the beginning of my blog and that I hope you will be coming back here now and then to see whether I've made any progress. The aim of this whole malarkey is really to display some of the models I have painted in the past, as well as showing you lovely people some of the current commissions (and hopefully some of my own stuff) that I will be working on in the future. If you have anything to say or ask please get in touch, it's always appreciated!

Thank you for reading,

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