Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Necron Annihilation and Command Barges

Hello again, I think it's time for another update.

So my Necron-collecting friend has sent another commission my way, and this is a big one. At the moment I have in front of me two Annihilation Barges and one Command Barge, with another barge of some sort to be built in due time. They are all to be painted in the same scheme as his Deathmarks, which means a lot of time will be taken up by painting layers and layers of Dheneb Stone to get a smooth finish. The Command Barge on the left is to be repainted slightly to match the style that my friend has now decided on.

The Necron Overlord actually painted up a Command Barge himself so I would have something of a template to go by, and it's very pretty indeed!

Apologies for the poor quality of the pictures, but I'm away from home and the light-tent I have set up there. I'm in Nottingham for the week and trying to make as much progress as I can with these guys, getting in a bit of painting here and there whenever my girlfriend's at lectures. I've got a bit of time over the coming days to pop into Warhammer World too, which should be quite exciting. I love the Miniatures Hall there - having some many beautiful models in one place is quite impressive! I might see if I can get to try out some of the new range of Citadel Paints. I must say I am most intrigued as to whether they will actually be an improvement. I suppose we'll see in due course.

Thanks for reading! See you all soon.


  1. The crispness of your details on the barge are wonderful, I like the color combo as well: shadow grey, black, and orange.

    You've got the start to a really great blog here and I'm impressed with your work. I'm adding you to my blog roll, and I'm looking forward to seeing more of your projects!

  2. Thanks a lot Matthew, your comment is most encouraging! Expect to see more progress on the Barges soon...