Friday, 9 March 2012

Necron Deathmarks - Done!

Definitely time for another update.

I've grabbed a hold of my friend's camera to take a couple of pictures of the, now finished, Necron Deathmarks. Progress has been slow of late, due to a bit of a pile-up in the essay department. It's getting near the end of term here at Durham and I've somehow managed to leave all my work till the last minute as per usual... Never seem to learn from my mistakes... 

But. They are finished! Hurrah!

Since last time I updated the blog I cleaned up the black areas with a coat of Chaos Black and I got started on the various bits of lighting and highlighting that are so important on these models. Inspired by the way I've seen them painted over on sites like coolminiornot and by the guys on the 'Eavy Metal team, I wanted to try and capture the idea of a glow coming from within the guns, without straying into the realm of object source lighting. That's a can of worms I don't want to open just yet!

So the original plan was to highlight their shoulder pads up to a white on the very edges, which I did on one model, before deciding against it. I'm not sure what changed my mind, I just thought it looked a little bit too bright... I wanted to keep the pads looking dark - a sort of mysterious, alien obsidian. To this end I highlighted them Scab Red, then Blood Red, Fiery Orange (just on the very edges and corners) and finally gave them a very watered down wash of Tamiya Clear Red ink. This last stage helped to mute the orange somewhat, and blend all the layers together. It has also resulted in a bit of a gloss finish that I think helps suggest the alien obsidian look I was going for.

To differ the hues of red (if only very slightly) I used some fleshy tones for the parts of their guns that give off light, before slapping some Skull White on to really get them looking a bit brighter. I tried my best to get a nice effect, but I suppose only you can be the judge of that. 

I'm quite happy with the finished result, and I can only hope that my client will be too.

I'm definitely glad to have got these guys done, despite having had a rather busy few weeks. It should quieten down towards the end of next week, deadlines will have been met and the pressure will be off. At least, until exams. 
Oh joy. 

Anyway, there's another project on my painting desk now, but more on that in the future, I'm quite excited about this one...

Happy painting!


  1. Awesome. These are some of, if not the best Necrons I've seen! Any chance of better pictures?

  2. Cheers Snake! I really appreciate that :)
    I'm afraid getting better pictures might have to wait a little bit, these guys were actually a commission for a friend of mine so he's got them at the moment. I'll try my best to sneak away with them for a bit at some point though!

  3. Beautiful implementation of a really creative color scheme. Wonderful job!