Thursday, 31 May 2012

An Update - Finished Exams and Back to Painting Trollbloods

So it's been a studious few weeks here as everyone has been busy with their exams. Revision didn't leave a lot of time for painting so the Trollbloods have been on the back-burner for a little while. I finished exams a week ago however, and have got back to it (in between partying and enjoying the beautiful weather).

So I've taken some pictures of my progress on my new, snazzy, phone, but the quality isn't fantastic. The colours aren't quite as vibrant as they are in real life, so please bear that in mind! As they stand their skin is pretty much done, although I am considering throwing a couple of washes over it - perhaps purple, or green - to make it look a bit more like living flesh. I tried my best to achieve a smooth blend from shade to highlight on these - it's difficult, but I need to keep practising two-brush blending.

I have also finished the tartans on all five Champions now - which took quite a bit of time; there really is no short-cut for tartan, it's just accuracy and precision. Overall, I'm quite happy with the results. I didn't want the tartan to be too garishly coloured. I tried my best to keep the colours subtle so that it does not draw the eye too much. I'm set on applying snow to their bases, which will hopefully contrast well with the darker shades of the models. 

Looking at the models now, I'm wondering about perhaps lightening the skin a little more... They are meant to be Champions after all, who would have been around for a long time, which suggests that their skin needs to look a bit 'older'. It's likely that they will see another highlight. And perhaps I'll add some scratches and scars... We'll see!

That's all from me today. Expect an update around this time next week, when I'll be back in Heroes and Legends, working on some commissions. Until then, happy painting!

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