Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Trollkin Champions and a new Necron Commission

My first year at university is almost at a close, and I've had a busy couple of weeks going between the two places I now consider home... It's a strange feeling to have two lives in separate places; when I say 'home' I'm never quite sure which one I mean. 

Anyway, some painting has been done and I'm working on a new commission; but first, some completed Trollkin Champions:

So the things I still had to finish off were their leather straps and boots, some details on their faces and weapons and the wooden kegs in which they carry their Dutch Courage. I also slapped some snow on the base, along with a bit of grass. The snow is from Woodland Scenics - great stuff, but it needs a couple of applications. The grass is from Army Painter - these range of grass tufts come in a variety of colours and are probably the best static grass on the market.

So the next commission on my painting desk are another batch of Necron vehicles - this time for a different client. This was how far I had progressed at the time of taking these pictures, which was a few days ago.

That's all for today! I'm just trying to power through these guys, but I want to make sure the client is happy with them. Happy painting!

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